Terms of Service

Service Provision: The Customers offer transportation services to passengers using the iCab mobile application. The iCab app acts as the platform connecting the Customers and passengers, facilitating ride requests and matching passengers with available Customers.

Payment from Passengers: Unlike traditional rideshare models where the company handles all payments, in “iCab Rideshare,” Customers receive their payments directly from passengers. Passengers can pay for their rides in cash or through other accepted payment methods, such as Interac or other electronic payment options.

Commission or Service Fee: To use the iCab platform and access passengers, Customers agree to pay a fixed commission (service fee) to iCab Rideshare for each completed ride. This commission is deducted directly from the fare collected by the Customers.
Monthly App Fee: In addition to the commission, “iCab Rideshare” charges Customers a separate monthly app fee. This fee covers the usage and maintenance of the iCab app and is billed to Customers on a monthly basis.

Digital Pricing Lists: iCab Rideshare provides Customers with digital pricing lists that outline the fees for different routes and services offered through the platform. Customers are required to have access to these pricing lists either as digital copies on their devices or in printed paper format to ensure transparency and accurate fare quoting.

Independent Business Relationship: The Customers and iCab Rideshare maintain an independent business relationship. Customers have the freedom to choose their availability and can decide which rides to accept. They are responsible for their own expenses, including vehicle maintenance, insurance, license and fuel. Customers have the flexibility to work with other rideshare companies or have other sources of income and are not bound by exclusive agreements with iCab Rideshare.

Mobile Application (iCab): The iCab app remains the primary platform for passengers to request rides and for Customers to accept and complete these requests. The app also allows passengers to see the fare estimate upfront and facilitates communication between Customers and passengers.

Terms of Service: The relationship between iCab Rideshare and its Customers is governed by the within Agreement, which includes terms of service, commission rates, monthly app fees, payment processes, and other relevant terms. Customers must follow iCab Rideshare’s guidelines and rules when using the iCab app.

Drivers Insurance: each TNC driver must have a minimum of 2 million Liability coverage insurance policy as well as a 6A or 6U endorsement to allow for ride-sharing in their personal vehicle.

Passenger Privacy: To ensure passenger privacy and data protection, Customers are strictly prohibited from taking passengers’ any personal information such as phone numbers or making direct bookings with passengers.