According to family lawyer Oakville, dealing with your ex-spouse might be really difficult. This is especially true if some negative feelings are involved. As a matter of fact, the situation will worsen if you have kids with your ex. This is because the child’s best interest will always come under consideration. Moreover, you will be the role model for your is necessary that you maintain an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse as a co-parent. However, this is easier said than done. Given below are certain steps that will help you to deal with your difficult ex.

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Avoid Any Negative Intimacy

A difficult ex-spouse will know how to press the buttons or create a drama. Nonetheless, every time you have a brawl with your ex, you are simply giving them what they are hankering for and that is your attention. This is often termed as negative intimacy. The best way to avoid this relationship with your ex is to learn to respond instead of reacting. You do not have to be at your ex’s back and call all the time. When you get an urgent voicemail, you shouldn’t reply immediately as it will retort to heated conversation. Get to know what your ex has to say and thereafter decide if the message requires a response.

Keep the Meeting Impersonal

A face-to-face contact with your ex has the maximum chances of conflict. You can try to limit the communication to faxes, emails, and voicemails. Even though the in-person meeting and phone conversations are inevitable, you have to keep the conversation brief enough says the family lawyer Oakville. Make sure that you focus on the matter at hand. If it is within your power, you should save your children from the negative interaction.

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Put Your Children First

Family lawyer Oakville states that you should not bring you kids in between the conversation with your ex. If you find your kids express an angry feeling, you need to hear out their thoughts and assist them in exploring their emotions. If you are unable to have a positive opinion ex-spouse, make sure that you opinions are neutral. Also, be careful not to abuse or criticize them in front of the kids. Keep in mind that no child like choosing one parent over the other.  They should have the permission to love you both.

Focus on Yourself and Not Your Ex

Family lawyer Oakville states that dealing with a problematic ex might be emotionally draining and frustrating. However, if you discuss your ex with your friend or considering ways to retaliate, it will only keep your ex at the front of your mind. This is something that your divorce was supposed to eliminate. You have to focus on yourself and your ex and take professional help if your ex is being really difficult. A good therapist or counselor will help you to get clarity. It will also disconnect you emotionally from the spouse drama.

Dissolution of marriage and the period after divorce is quite difficult time for you and the family. If you want you can take the help of family lawyer Oakville to help you out with the process.

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