Code of Ethics & Conduct



The Industry Council for Aboriginal Business (ICAB) fosters successful working relationships between industry and Aboriginal business through effective programming and by promoting mutual respect and understanding. This can only be achieved if ICAB establishes and maintains a reputation for integrity by setting and adhering to exemplary standards of business conduct.

Integrity and trustworthiness are the fundamental qualities of every ICAB director, employee and member as well as for anyone seeking to access ICAB events, programs and services. These qualities are key elements of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Dishonourable or questionable conduct, including conduct that may be adverse to the public interest and/or a community’s well-being or lacks integrity, will reflect adversely on the member or those seeking access to ICAB events, programs and services. If the conduct is such that knowledge of it would be likely to impair trust in the member as a business professional or undermine ICAB’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, then ICAB reserves the right, at its unfettered discretion, to refuse membership in ICAB, and to deny ICAB member and non – ICAB member participation in any ICAB event or program.

Values and Norms of Ethical Behaviour
  • Values – Members will operate and conduct their decisions and actions based on the following values;
  • Honesty/Integrity – Maintaining an unimpeachable standard of integrity in all their business relationships both inside and outside the organizations;
  • Professionalism – Fostering the highest standards of professional competence amongst those for whom they are responsible and for the community in which they live and/or work;

Responsible Management
Optimizing the use of resources for which they are responsible so as to provide the maximum benefit to their employers and community in which they operate;

Serving the Public Interest
Not using their authority of office for personal benefit, rejecting and denouncing any business practice that is improper;

Conformity to the Laws
In Terms of:

  • The laws of the country in which they practice;
  • The Institute’s or Corporation’s Rules and Regulations;
  • Contractual obligations.

Corporate Citizenship#
ICAB directors, employees and members as well as individuals and representatives of businesses and organizations seeking to access ICAB events, programs and services will:

  • Demonstrate courtesy, respect, honest and fairness with community members, customers, clients, suppliers, competitors, employees, investors, stockholders, business partners, associates and other members in all their interactions.
  • Demonstrate compliance with provincial, federal and municipal health, safety, legal and security regulations.
  • Immediately investigate and resolve health, safety, legal or security violations.
  • Conduct business operations in an ethical and humanistic fashion.
  • Recognize the diversity of the work force and the company/firm can only be successful through the respect, fair treatment, cooperation, and empowerment of employees.
  • Communicate their business vision, mission, goals and objectives to all employees.
  • Are environmentally conscious in conserving resources and protecting the environment.
  • The business or organization including officials and representatives be members in good standing in their respective professional organizations, governing bodies or in their community.
  • Not use their position to create hidden reciprocal relationships with third parties for personal gain or benefit.
  • Do not provide false or misleading information.
  • Strive to provide the highest quality products and services, working for constant improvement of quality in all areas of the business.
  • Members maintain confidentiality of all records in their care and possession including information about customers, clients, vendors, employees and other members.
  • Exhibit high standards of personal integrity and professional conduct.

The Industry Council for Aboriginal Business has come together for the sole purpose of removing these barriers with the vision of contributing to a vibrant BC business economy where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people prosper together.

To this end, ICAB facilitates programs furthering dialogue and relationship-building essential to economic development in Aboriginal communities in British Columbia.

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