A Ride on the Time Machine: Snippet of Canadian Legal History

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Those criminal lawyers Toronto look so sophisticated, don’t they? Well if you are considering becoming one, it’s best to understand basics about the Canadian Criminal Legal system. This system is based completely on the Canada Criminal Code. However, back in time, the state had their fair share of struggle trying to attain this.

So, let’s take a ride the time machine and to find out more about the origin of the famous Canada Criminal Code which is the pride of criminal lawyers Toronto.

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Throwback to History

Criminal codification is a process that basically collects and reaffirms several laws of the jurisdiction in specific areas. This means the laws made are combined and converted into legal laws.  Now, at the very beginning, the first codification was mentioned by Jeremy Bentham. However, England is completely against this codification rejected its notion.

Soon after, codification was embraced by England’s colonies; the Penal Code was passed by India in 1960, then the colonies of British Honduras, St. Lucia and Tobago along with Jamaica also introduced a penal code. However, all were rejected by England.

Nevertheless, following this in 1867 the province of Canada was inaugurated. The first Prime Minister of that time Sir John A. Macdonald was a man with foresight. He was adamant that all criminal lawyers Toronto would inherit a stable criminal law system that formulated rules specific rules in accordance with a crime. Basically, Macdonald dreamt of a singular unvarying regime when dealing with Criminal law.

At that time, the Canadian government gave Macdonald full authority to codify the criminal law, because he had played an eminent role in writing the Canadian constitution. He initially, introduced and passed 9 statuses to the House of Commons.

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These included:

  • Pleas to merge law for coinage offenses.
  • Consolidating laws for perjury and procedure
  • Malicious intent against a person and property.
  • Personal and forgery offenses.

Initially, all was rejected by England, but Canada did not forfeit. They continued to send in pleas and worked consistently to get their criminal codification accepted. Finally, in the year 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code was accepted under the reign of the consequent Prime Minister Sir John Thompson.

Today, criminal lawyers Toronto are have revised the code any time. However, check out the first few samples of Canada Criminal code.

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  • Offenders, who are sentenced to death, will die by hanging from the neck until declared dead.
  • Any death sentence passed over a woman will be withheld if she is pregnant. Only, after the birth of the child will the woman finally be killed.
  • If a person is awarded the punishment of whipping, the number of lashes to be delivered along with the instrument used will be notified in the specific sentence. Also, the generic instrument that will be used is the cat-o’-nine-tails.

Well, that covered the basics of the Canada Criminal Code, to know more about the unique Canada Legal System, get admitted to the best Canada law college. Soon, you’ll be practicing like those classy criminal lawyers Toronto.

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