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Are you on the verge of losing your job by the employer? If it is the exact scenario with you then it is the right time to know your rights before getting kicked-off from the employer. It is better to consult with the Best employment lawyers to save yourself in case there has been any misjudgement in making a wrong decision to terminate from the job.

Losing a job is very difficult, and losing a job in the pretext of unfair or illegal reasons hurt a person psychologically. There are basically five rules related to the employee rights in Canada, which everyone should be aware of.

Rights to reasonable notice of termination:

For any employee, it is necessary to get a reasonable notice of termination unless they have been in any organization for less than three months, another reason includes the ‘Just Causes’. Just cause exists in any of the circumstances mentioned below;

  1. Willful misconduct
  2. Disobedience
  3. Illegal or immoral behaviour
  4. Willful neglect of duties

These just causes are there to provide some relief from the employer and if you are not terminated for the above-called causes. As per the Ontario law, an employer is required to provide a notice in writing and hand it over to the employee prior to the date of ending of the employment term.

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Also, a legal notice will fall in the criteria and will scrutinize the amount of time an employee has worked in a particular organization or the advanced age will decide whether he or she is suitable to find other work, failing which an employee can file a wrongful dismissal employer case against an employer.

Know your rights to receive termination pay:

An employee is entitled to get a lump sum of their notice pay from their employer before the termination period ends. In Ontario, the employer has to pay their employees the minimum statutory termination pays within seven days of their termination or it can be paid on the regular salary day.

Right to enforce the terms of an employment contract:

The best employment lawyers will help you in knowing your rights in case you have signed a contract with your employer. In case of termination of the job, you are still entitled to get the notice of termination and can receive your wages in lump sum amount, as per specified by the Ontario rights of employment rights in Canada.

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Right to receive a severance pay:

Even after the termination of an employment, some employee still has the rights to receive severance pay. In this, if an employer’s payroll exceeds $2.5 million and has terminated more than fifty employees within six months of the time interval, an employee is entitled to receive a severance pay if he or she has worked for more than five years.

In case, an employee has been terminated for the just causes, then they don’t have the right to receive severance pay.

It is very important to let your lawyer know the reasons for termination, which will help him to give you justice in case you need best employment lawyers.

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