A Ride on the Time Machine: Snippet of Canadian Legal History

A Ride on the Time Machine: Snippet of Canadian Legal History

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Those criminal lawyers Toronto look so sophisticated, don’t they? Well if you are considering becoming one, it’s best to understand basics about the Canadian Criminal Legal system. This system is based completely on the Canada Criminal Code. However, back in time, the state had their fair share of struggle trying to attain this.

So, let’s take a ride the time machine and to find out more about the origin of the famous Canada Criminal Code which is the pride of criminal lawyers Toronto.

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Throwback to History

Criminal codification is a process that basically collects and reaffirms several laws of the jurisdiction in specific areas. This means the laws made are combined and converted into legal laws.  Now, at the very beginning, the first codification was mentioned by Jeremy Bentham. However, England is completely against this codification rejected its notion.

Soon after, codification was embraced by England’s colonies; the Penal Code was passed by India in 1960, then the colonies of British Honduras, St. Lucia and Tobago along with Jamaica also introduced a penal code. However, all were rejected by England.

Nevertheless, following this in 1867 the province of Canada was inaugurated. The first Prime Minister of that time Sir John A. Macdonald was a man with foresight. He was adamant that all criminal lawyers Toronto would inherit a stable criminal law system that formulated rules specific rules in accordance with a crime. Basically, Macdonald dreamt of a singular unvarying regime when dealing with Criminal law.

At that time, the Canadian government gave Macdonald full authority to codify the criminal law, because he had played an eminent role in writing the Canadian constitution. He initially, introduced and passed 9 statuses to the House of Commons.

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These included:

  • Pleas to merge law for coinage offenses.
  • Consolidating laws for perjury and procedure
  • Malicious intent against a person and property.
  • Personal and forgery offenses.

Initially, all was rejected by England, but Canada did not forfeit. They continued to send in pleas and worked consistently to get their criminal codification accepted. Finally, in the year 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code was accepted under the reign of the consequent Prime Minister Sir John Thompson.

Today, criminal lawyers Toronto are have revised the code any time. However, check out the first few samples of Canada Criminal code.

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  • Offenders, who are sentenced to death, will die by hanging from the neck until declared dead.
  • Any death sentence passed over a woman will be withheld if she is pregnant. Only, after the birth of the child will the woman finally be killed.
  • If a person is awarded the punishment of whipping, the number of lashes to be delivered along with the instrument used will be notified in the specific sentence. Also, the generic instrument that will be used is the cat-o’-nine-tails.

Well, that covered the basics of the Canada Criminal Code, to know more about the unique Canada Legal System, get admitted to the best Canada law college. Soon, you’ll be practicing like those classy criminal lawyers Toronto. To find more about  criminal lawyers Toronto click here!

When Can a Private Investigator’s Evidence be Admissible in Court?

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Private investigators and PI’s today have grandly been romanticized as daring, carefree daredevils who can do anything they want to catch the bad guys. Take Sherlock, for example, a crack addict with a brain that can rival Einstein’s. Well, in reality, while the fictional world of books and movies customized these PI’s as godly heroes, in reality, these individuals too have constrictions.

So if you’ve recently hired a PI Toronto to catch the person embezzling your company’s funds, you need to know few facts.

Unlike the world of fiction, your PI can’t break the regular rules of the law. So, assuming that he gathered some constructive evidence on who’s stealing your funds. It’s vital you know in which aspects this evidence can be presented to the court.

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When is the PI’s Evidence Ruled Illegal in Court?

The movies are lairs; they’ll show you instances like your PI breaking the law and trespassing homes to gather evidence. You might think to tap a person’s phone and personal conversation is the key to finding out the perpetrator.  However, in reality, using a microphone, breaking into homes, tapping phones is an invasion of personal space, which is strictly against the law.

So, if you hired PI Toronto used these particular means to gather even concrete evidence then the PI himself might run into trouble with the law.  Hence, he too requires to act in a legal manner to find concrete evidence of embezzlement to have his claims accepted by the court.

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When is the PI’s Evidence Acceptable in Court?

Any private investigators evidence is acceptable in court if it’s derived following the rules of the law. So, say your PI Toronto used methods like eavesdropping conversations between the subject in a party or in public, suspicious behavior in crowded rooms, planning and plotting in a mall etc. in such cases, the evidence is completely legal.

The reason being, as long as one’s personal space or privacy isn’t invaded, the evidence gathered is completely legal. Your PI can further use tools to record conversations in public or click images of pieces of evidence etc. to add weight to his evidence gathered.

Do PI’s have Any Noted Advantages?

Well, if your PI’s isn’t like the cool guys as shown on TV, are you having second thoughts about your hired PI? Well, while it’s true that these people aren’t above the law, however, they do have considerable advantages –

PI in Toronto

  • Anonymity

Undoubtedly, unless you have concrete evidence, you don’t want to ‘cry wolf’ and stir up a commotion, right? On that note, your PI Toronto offers complete privacy and prevents chances of unnecessary commotion. Further, a PI being an anonymous individual can converse with a potential subject and garner useful information which a normal known face cannot achieve.

  • Expertise and Time

A PI knows how to listen and find out information without being obvious and obtrusive. Moreover, they have a lot of patience to wait for timely moments to strike and take action. Hence, unlike normal people, these investigators know how to do their job.

So, don’t worry and ensure that your PI Toronto used legal means to garner constructive evidence. Now, don’t worry about your funds being embezzled and catch the perpetrator the legal way.

Know your rights and hire the best employment lawyers

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best employment lawyers

Are you on the verge of losing your job by the employer? If it is the exact scenario with you then it is the right time to know your rights before getting kicked-off from the employer. It is better to consult with the Best employment lawyers to save yourself in case there has been any misjudgement in making a wrong decision to terminate from the job.

Losing a job is very difficult, and losing a job in the pretext of unfair or illegal reasons hurt a person psychologically. There are basically five rules related to the employee rights in Canada, which everyone should be aware of.

Rights to reasonable notice of termination:

For any employee, it is necessary to get a reasonable notice of termination unless they have been in any organization for less than three months, another reason includes the ‘Just Causes’. Just cause exists in any of the circumstances mentioned below;

  1. Willful misconduct
  2. Disobedience
  3. Illegal or immoral behaviour
  4. Willful neglect of duties

These just causes are there to provide some relief from the employer and if you are not terminated for the above-called causes. As per the Ontario law, an employer is required to provide a notice in writing and hand it over to the employee prior to the date of ending of the employment term.

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Also, a legal notice will fall in the criteria and will scrutinize the amount of time an employee has worked in a particular organization or the advanced age will decide whether he or she is suitable to find other work, failing which an employee can file a wrongful dismissal employer case against an employer.

Know your rights to receive termination pay:

An employee is entitled to get a lump sum of their notice pay from their employer before the termination period ends. In Ontario, the employer has to pay their employees the minimum statutory termination pays within seven days of their termination or it can be paid on the regular salary day.

Right to enforce the terms of an employment contract:

The best employment lawyers will help you in knowing your rights in case you have signed a contract with your employer. In case of termination of the job, you are still entitled to get the notice of termination and can receive your wages in lump sum amount, as per specified by the Ontario rights of employment rights in Canada.

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Right to receive a severance pay:

Even after the termination of an employment, some employee still has the rights to receive severance pay. In this, if an employer’s payroll exceeds $2.5 million and has terminated more than fifty employees within six months of the time interval, an employee is entitled to receive a severance pay if he or she has worked for more than five years.

In case, an employee has been terminated for the just causes, then they don’t have the right to receive severance pay.

It is very important to let your lawyer know the reasons for termination, which will help him to give you justice in case you need best employment lawyers.

Points You Need to Immigrate to Canada

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Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer states that there is no set number of points required in order to qualify for an invitation to apply in order to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry System.  Nonetheless, there are some important factors that you have to determine who will receive an invitation.

Current draws under have experienced minimum Comprehensive Ranking System scores in the region of 440 points. Historically, it has dropped as low as 415 but it has also crossed 500.

Canada Express Entry Immigration

The minimum score will increase and decrease on the basis of:

  • The qualification of the applicant profile in Express Entry Pool during the time the draw is being made.
  • The number of invitations which has been issued by Refugees, immigration, and Citizenship Canada.

One of the primary elements of the management tool of Express Entry like mentioned by is Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer is that the candidates will be able to improve the scores even when they are in the pool. There are various ways in which the candidate will be able to boost their score.

  • Get a job offer which is worth 50 points or 200 points.
  • Secure a provincial nomination that is worth 600 points.
  • Improve your educational credentials.
  • Boost your official language ability.
  • Add your newly acquired work experience.

Meanwhile, it is going to launch its own Expression of Interest that is similar to Express Entry as stated by the Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer.  The system is known as Arrima is expected to go online around September 2018. The candidate score is going to be based on the profiles that they are going to submit to the Expression of Interest Bank.

Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer

How does Quebec Expression of Interest Function?

  • Candidates submit online expression of interest profile to MIDI.
  • Profiles enter into the pool of Expression of Interest, where you are going to be positioned against each other. This is valid for 12 months.
  • The profiles are classified under two categories, one of the candidates who have a job offer and are living in Quebec catering to some specific criteria. The other one is for the candidates who are living outside Quebec and catering to some specific ideas.
  • Candidates who are getting an invitation have around 90 days to submit the full application.
  • Quebec is going to consider some period draws says Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer, inviting the candidates so that they can apply for Quebec certificate for selection.
  • Approved candidates who will secure a nomination may be applicable for the Canadian permanent residence.

If you are unable to understand the intricacies of Immigration points, you should get in touch with immigration lawyer.  However, make sure that you hire the right one. Here are some effective tips that will help you to choose the right immigration lawyer.

  • You shouldn’t simply choose an immigration lawyer. There are many mediocre immigration attorneys out there. There are some who might be handling too many cases at the same time. Thus, you need to do your research and check the reputation of the lawyer that you want to hire.
  • Tap into the network of acquaintances and friends to find out who have dealt with an immigration lawyer. Word of the mouth referrals are simply the best as you will be able to learn firsthand.
  • Once you are referred to the good Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer, you need to arrange for a consultation where the lawyer is going to offer you the best option that you have at hand.

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