To realize a vibrant BC business economy where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people prosper together.

All British Columbians want economic success and social harmony for themselves and their children.

Historic events, legislation and discrimination have excluded Aboriginal people from equally participating in the economic and social life of the province.

In spite of progress in government policy and law in recent years, the lack of mutual understanding and business relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people constitute formidable barriers to economic and social success.

The Industry Council for Aboriginal Business has come together for the sole purpose of removing these barriers with the vision of contributing to a vibrant BC business economy where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people prosper together.

To this end, ICAB facilitates programs furthering dialogue and relationship-building essential to economic development in Aboriginal communities in British Columbia.

The organization fills the need of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people for enhanced knowledge so they can conduct productive business negotiations; resulting in collaboration, partnership and wealth creation.

ICAB aims to assist its Aboriginal
and non-Aboriginal members to:

1. Realize economic opportunities through collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses.

2. Participate in venues and processes for networking among corporations and Aboriginal business organizations.

3. Build an enhanced respective understanding of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal business environments, including current information on developments affecting joint initiatives.

4. Provide practical “how-to” information about successful joint initiatives through tools such as “Making the Grade.”

5. Increase Aboriginal business access to mainstream markets through activities such as promotion and mentoring.

6. Establish a broader platform for Aboriginal business development through the use of tools such as peer mentoring.